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Jackpot Chronicles #3: The Great Bifurcation

This is part 4 of the Jackpot Chronicles: Four Post-Coronavirus Scenarios. Read the series here, or sign up for Guerrilla Capitalism here.

“In the future there will only be one occupation: managing one’s wealth. And the majority of the population will be unemployed.”

– Me.

The original working title for this installment of The Jackpot Chronicles was “Mandatory Pollyanna”. That’s the one where central planners and bureaucrats manage to “save” the global financial system yet again, but at a cost of undertaking an LBO of the entire economy and running it as a centrally planned utility.

I’ve decided to rename this scenario “The Great Bifurcation”, because should it come to pass,  I think the the inevitable result  would be the emergence of an even more pronounced and starkly divided Two Tier Society. Read on