If urgent climate action is needed, then let’s #BanPrivateJets

As the din of climate hysteria grows ever louder, the eco-pious and super-rich call for urgent and drastic action on climate change. Justin Trudeau, still licking his wounds from being outed for his multiple episodes of blackface and brownface, took more heat today as he’s criss-crossing the country ahead of the forthcoming federal election with not one, but two private jets.

As these calls for immediate climate action are accelerating, in fact we’ve seen numerous trial balloons floated from a complicit mainsteam media (or as Canada’a reigning Liberals call it “Approved Media”).

These trial balloons / admonitions include:

And of course:

  • Fly less. Let’s have fewer planes in the air, to reduce carbon output.

These guidelines are understandably hard sells for Joe Public, as many common people like to eat meat, or need a car to get to-and-from work, and children, as demanding as they can be, eventually grow up and can mow our lawns and do chores around the house.

So if we’re serious about drastic climate action, right now, before the world ends, we need to do something that has maximum bang for the buck, while disrupting as few lives as possible. This way, the rabble masses will see that our leaders and elites are serious and they have the will to take whatever action necessary to make this happen.


The top 50 countries in the world in terms of private jet ownership have a total fleet of nearly 18,000 jets. According to Statista, private jet ownership is soaring in most developed countries (as wealth inequality accelerates thanks to central bank interventions and 10 years of Cantillon Effects).

According to The Independent, the most popular private jet is the Cessna Citation XLS, which I believe climate alarmist Leonardo Di Caprio may be boarding in the picture below, having been shunted to the runway via a private helicopter…

A Cessna Citation XLS burns approximately 6,030kg of CO2 per three hour flight.

It’s back-of-the-napkin, but let’s say a typical jet does 4 legs per week, at 3 hour legs. We get:

17,947 jets X  6,030 kg CO2/flight X 4 flights/week  X 52 weeks = 22,509,845,280 kilograms of Co2.

Over 22 billion kilos of C02. Per year.

Of course, that estimate of 4 legs per week could be low. Elon Musk has a private jet that logged 150,000 miles in 2018. Enough to circle the globe 6 times.

But if we banned private jets, with immediate effect, no exceptions, very few working class and middle class people would be affected. In fact even upper class, lower-tier wealthy would be relatively unscathed. It would only affect the tiny sliver at the top of the wealth pyramid, the same ones who seem most vociferously adamant on drastic climate action now and who could best afford to make alternate arrangements for attending climate summits or other important events. The annual Davos summit could be held via Skype, for example.

Taking the important step now will set the tone for the coming, rapid and drastic restructuring of every aspect of our lives, and it will be an easier pill to swallow when the elitists driving this change are leading the charge by example. Be the change you wish to see! #BanPrivateJets

Update: Climate Champion Elizabeth Warren deplanes from Private Jet

Feb 4, 2020

Here’s Climate Champion Elizabeth Warren emerging from a private jet ahead of the Iowa Caucus on Monday. When she realizes she’s being filmed, she ducks behind a staffer. So brave!

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Mark E. Jeftovic

Mark E. Jeftovic is the founder of Guerrilla Capitalism and CEO of easyDNS.com, a company he co-founded in 1998 which has been operating along the lines described within these pages. No stranger to competing with 800 lb gorillas, easyDNS has consistently "punched above its weight" in a field dominated by behemoths such as Godaddy and Web.com. Since 2013 the company has successively achieved YoY all-time high revenues and profitability despite the entry of Amazon, Google and Oracle into the space as direct competitors.

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Sally Snyder - October 4, 2019

As shown in this article, in the future, governments around the world may be willing to go to extreme lengths to punish nations that breach climate protocols:


So much for sovereignty.

Markus - October 7, 2019

Aaaaaaaaand the new “Climate Religion” grows stronger each day… I was in a german protestant church just yesterday… The “Pastor” (if one can even call him that) did’nt open the Bible once, not once.. What he did do,however was preach about how badly we’ve been treating Mother Nature. The New World Order will use this tool to enslave us all.

Elitärer Klimaschutz – Alternativ-News - October 16, 2019

[…] von Guerilla Capitalism hat eine super Idee, wie wir schnell und einfach das Klima retten können: #BanPrivateJets — ein Schritt in die richtige […]

Heating Up The Political Climate - Ecosophia - October 16, 2019

[…] drastic action concerning it:  they can change their own lifestyles.  One ingenious blogger has launched a campaign to encourage exactly that under the hashtag #BanPrivateJets.  It’s a great plan and it would do […]

A.B Prosper - October 17, 2019

Mark, came over here from Ecosophia.net. I’m one of those crazy Right Wing people who actually give a hoot about the ecology.

That ban private jets idea is one of my favorites since returning the class warfare favor has a very widespread appeal

Now for others, I wanted to mention the less children issue.

Some folks may not know but the entire developed world is below replacement fertility.

. On top of that the rate per woman of childbearing age is even at an all time low in the US.

Its low enough that according to some rather spurious stats, in a couple of hundred years the majority population in the US will be Amish who have a rather low carbon footprint.

We’ve basically already done the “fewer kids” think though it’s going to take some decades to come to fruition.

What’s causing population issues is mostly immigration. Our “leaders” can’t abide even modest population decline and as such flood nations with mass immigration to prop up ponzi scheme social systems

No fault of the immigrants mind you but open borders or immigration do not work with population decline

There is also the issue of of demographic momentum that is the tendency for growing populations to continue growing after a fertility decline because of their young age distribution, well youngish in the US

Those have to be dealt with to make progress and the best way to do that is to stop more migration.

Right now, the only high fertility nations are in Africa and the Middle East with a smattering in the Americas. US fertility among all groups is at 1.8

So in order to get fertility down, it has to be focused there.


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