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Mark E. Jeftovic is the founder of Guerrilla Capitalism and CEO of, a company he co-founded in 1998 which has been operating along the lines described within these pages. No stranger to competing with 800 lb gorillas, easyDNS has consistently "punched above its weight" in a field dominated by behemoths such as Godaddy and Since 2013 the company has successively achieved YoY all-time high revenues and profitability despite the entry of Amazon, Google and Oracle into the space as direct competitors.


The JackPot Chronicles Scenario 1: Force Majeure

This is the second instalment of The Jackpot Chronicles: Four Possible Post-Coronavirus Scenarios.

Force Majeure means:

a chance occurrence or superior force that renders a contract unenforceable and frees all parties from their obligations under it.

We are frequently told that there exists some manner of “Social Contract” to which we are implicitly bound by virtue of being alive. This implied Social Contract confers legitimacy upon the institutions that order our world, the national governments, the central banks, the miltary and police. And by extension certain communication outlets and media are endowed with a status of official curators over the narratives around institutional power. Read on


Welcome to The Jackpot

William Gibson’s most recent novel Agency, describes a type of “many worlds” tapestry of a multiverse as it exists after a catastrophe called “The Jackpot”. The main character’s POV takes place from within one of these “stubs” as they are called, which for some reason forked off from the “real” Earth timeline sometime after the 2016 US election.

Although Gibson doesn’t exactly strike me as a MAGA guy in real life, it is interesting to note that in the story, the “real” Earth timeline is one in which it’s implied that Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election (neither “Clinton” or “Trump” are mentioned by name anywhere in the book).  However, it’s also the timeline in which a global thermonuclear war erupted around the Syrian conflict.

It is this outcome which the protagonists, some of which are covert operatives from our future, are seeking to nudge the other stubs away from. In other words, it’s classic William Gibson, who’s enduring quip The future is here, it’s just unevenly distributed” has probably garnered even more relevance of late.

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GCap #1: Beware the Ides of March


The Guerrilla Capitalism Monthly Briefing.
GCap #1: Beware The Ides of March
I’ve been wanting to do a monthly newsletter for awhile, and I had the opportunity to test a new system that made creating them a snap, so here we are and please do let me know if you find this useful or annoying.
Unassailable: The book that protects you from Cancel-Culture and Deplatform Attacks

Nevermind Coronavirus (for now), the big news for me last month was the release of my second book, Unassailable.  It seemed that as I was finishing up the book in late 2019 that cancel-culture had perhaps peaked and I had missed the moment with this book.

That sentiment was dashed quite quickly out of the gate in the early days of 2020:

  • Email provider mailchimp suspended Stefan Molyneux’s account in response to a tweet from somebody else (a woman who is the co-founder of the Sleeping Giants collective)
  • Twitter took down Zerohedge’s account based on a hit piece penned by Buzzfeed author Ryan Broderick. An examination of his Twitter archives showed he had committed the exact offense he accused ZH of (namely doxxing somebody). ZH was suspended, whilst Broderick maintains his blue checkmark)
  • Slate magazine asked out loud if there was too much free speech online?
Learn More

To discuss all this and more I went on the Tom Woods show, which was quite an honour for me.

Canada’s Broadband Telecom Legislative Review (BTLR) dropped and Slate readers in Canada should be thrilled: it contains a blue print for controlling internet content, including mandatory licensing for all content creators and forcing social media networks to only link to, or provide “discoverability” for “approved media sources”.

Taxpayer funded CBC joined the clamour a few weeks later, marshalling a group of Canadian media companies to draft an open letter to the Trudeau government pleading for legislation to regulate “trusted news” sources online.

All this to combat what I once dubbed “the fifth horseman of the internet apocalypse” – fake news.
Who would be an approved media source in Canada? Probably anybody who benefits from that 600M subsidy announced by the federal government last year.

The BTLR has to be stopped and yours truly introduced a petition into parliament to block it.

(The section headline links to an op-ed I wrote for ThePostMillennial)

Coronavirus pops the Everything Bubble

As Frank Hickey writes in his latest High Tech Strategist, “Once Again, The Music Stopped (Without Much Warning)”.

Imagine if you will, the US markets, as measured by the DJIA experiencing:

  1. The largest single day gain in history
  2. The second largest single day gain in history
  3. The largest single day loss in history
  4. The fastest 10% drop in history
  5. A 50bps emergency rate (the very next day after #1)

…all within the space of a week, I would say that volatility is back and I am going out on a limb to posit that The Everything Bubble has finally topped out.

This is, of course, inexcusable, and the powers-that-be will do whatever it takes to keep asset prices inflating, coronavirus be damned….


As it stands now, gold is powering higher, looking to blow through $1,700/oz, but the gold miners aren’t really confirming (yet).

Bonds are the last man standing of the Everything Bubble and once that pops, look out. See below…


The Bond Market And The Price Of Gold Are Making Massive Cycle Turns – Mike Swanson (03/07/2020) –

The Quickening….

I started fiddling with the idea to do a monthly newsletter during the last week of February, and my rough notes contained ideas like:

  • The price of TSLA had gone hockey-stick parabolic
  • Elizabeth Warren captured on video deplaning from a private jet going viral (ironic and in line with GCap’s popular post about banning private jets to save the environment).
  • Canada’s supply chain disruptions due to pipeline protestors
  • A mini-rant about “equality of outcomes” as an ideal to strive toward

That was around two weeks ago, and most of that stuff has been rendered obsolete:

The TSLA share price has already nose-dived below the secondary offer price of $767, closing Friday at $703.48. That’s an 8.3% haircut in 10 trading days.

Warren threw in the towel after super-Tuesday.

Canada’s supply chain now faces a much bigger existential threat because of COVID-19 (as does everybody else’s)

Equality of outcome

My mini-rant against the goal of equality of outcome never progressed much further than observing that anybody who espouses that as an ideal is really saying, in effect that,

“nobody else should be more successful, or happier, than me”

and that the sentiment is almost exclusively advocated by miserable and frustrated Marxists who meet many of the symptoms of being mentally ill.

Prove me wrong!

… was as far as I got with it. Other than that the progressive’s zealousness over the certainty of their own morality crowds out self-awareness.

I have 10 invites for ThinkSpot

I set up my Thinkspot account in February. That’s the new social media platform developed by the likes of Jordan B Peterson and Sam Harris, intended to be a place where ideas can be freely expressed without the spectre of cancel culture hanging over one like a Sword of Damocles.

If you’re interested, just reply to this email and the first 10 people will get an invite from me. I’m @markjr on that system so look me up once you’re there (I even seem to have a blue checkmark!)

Should I keep doing this?

Should I keep writing a monthly GCap newsletter? Please reply to this email and let me know if this was of any value to you or a complete waste of your time.


Feel free to forward to your friends and colleagues, and if they want to subscribe to Guerrilla Capitalism, just go here, and I’ll send you a free copy of 1893 novella Pictures of the Socialistic Future with a new foreword by me when you opt-in.


Unicorn Winter / Unicorn Bingo

The theme for today’s post is from Scott Galloway’s (@profgalloway on Twitter) “Casper Should Not Go Public” post on Medium, which he wrote in response to the news that Casper, a mattress company I had never heard of, had filed to go public, having lost $73.4 million on $250.9 million revenues in 2017 and another $92.1 million loss on $357.9 million in 2018.

This post isn’t about Casper, the Galloway article is superb in analyzing exactly why anybody dumb enough to buy this IPO deserves to lose the 30% decline in stock price he posits for the first year (which I think is being charitable). Read on


This is Politics

I managed to catch a glimpse of Arif Virani’s campaign headquarters when I was driving down Jane St. in Toronto the other day. Virani is the Liberal MP for Parkdale / High-Park, whom I went up against in 2015 when I ran for the Libertarian Party of Canada. Read on


Guest post: Why Transactions Get Declined

By David Goodale of

Don’t Lose Your Customers on the Goal Line

A declined transaction is quite possibly the worst reason to lose a sale. All that’s left is to take the money. This should be the easiest part, and it’s important to do, because the cost of acquisition of for new customers is a consideration for every online business. In short, customers don’t usually fall out of the sky. Getting them to your website is hard, educating them about your product or service is harder still, and helping them through the sales funnel will determine whether your business succeeds or fails.

Considering the amount of work going into the sales process, it’s extremely painful to lose it on the goal line because of a hiccup while collecting a payment. It’s a terrible reason to lose a sale. That same potential customer can easily bounce away, and unless they are particularly keen on your product, they might not come back.

It’s important to:

  1. Be aware of why declines occur
  2. Work to prevent them from happening
  3. Attempt to recapture them when they do

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If urgent climate action is needed, then let’s #BanPrivateJets

As the din of climate hysteria grows ever louder, the eco-pious and super-rich call for urgent and drastic action on climate change. Justin Trudeau, still licking his wounds from being outed for his multiple episodes of blackface and brownface, took more heat today as he’s criss-crossing the country ahead of the forthcoming federal election with not one, but two private jets. Read on


Never Go Full Rhino

Last night I made the mistake of putting Ben Hunt’s The Long Now Part 2 on a tablet and brought it to bed to read. My kid had an early morning soccer practice at school today and the plan was I’d read this before turning in early. By the end of it I couldn’t sleep.

It articulated something I’ve been grappling with for so long, so clearly and so lucidly that it got my mind racing. I’m sure you all know how it is when you’re galvanized by an idea at night. You lie there in bed with your brain completely overclocked, scribbling in a notebook beside the bed. I ended up padding over to my office and emailing Mr. Hunt around midnight and he gave me permission to attach a PDF of the The Long Now Part 2 with the email I’m sending my list. It’s also online at the EpsilonTheory website.

From the very opening line, I should have known I was in for a sleepless night….
Read on


Socialism isn’t a failure. It’s a fraud.

“Want to be rich? Start a good business.
Want to be really  rich? Become a socialist.”
— Unknown.

There is no shortage of empirical data that socialism fails every time it has been tried, and leaves the largest body count in it’s wake. Dr. Kristian Niemtietz’s “Socialism: The Failed Idea that Never Dies” documents the three distinct stages socialism goes through

  1. The Honeymoon Phase
  2. The What Aboutery Phase
  3. And finally, when all that’s left is a smoking crater and a pile of bodies, “the not real socialism phase”

Niemietz documents each occurrence of socialism in the 20th century in his book to show that central planning and redistribution simply do not work.

Then there’s the Black Book of Communism, which tallies up the body count of the socialist regimes of the 20th century (over 100 million souls).

So it’s curious, why are our intellectual, cultural and sundry political and economic elites decrying capitalism and promulgating socialism as a cure for societies perceived ills?

Read on


First Bitcoin, then Libra: Why Nation States are Petrified

A few months ago I was on the Lite Show (Litecoin) podcast, we got to talking about Facebook’s forthcoming crypto currency, which hadn’t been named yet. I mused then that it would totally suck for the entire crypto-currency space to have come this far with Bitcoin, et al only to have Facebook swoop in and take all the marbles. (In marketing parlance this maneuver is called  “grabbing the microphone”)

Then Facebook announced their digital currency, it’s Libra, and it was met with immediate resistance. But the pushback, didn’t come from where one might expect it, from within the crypto community. There was plenty of commentary about it to be sure, but nobody from within the crypto space was saying that Libra had to be stopped. Read on

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