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Guerrilla Capitalism is…


The old guard is trying to move us all toward a centrally planned “Goldilocks” economy but the outcome is ever increasing pressure on those outside the “inner circles” and a tightening vice around small to medium businesses.

We use disruptive technologies to defend our markets, grow our businesses and acquire competitive advantages in several green fields.


In this age of consolidation and “Walled Gardens” we are not out to be ingested into the nearest Borg-like Behemoth that is trying to eat the world. That is not “a successful exit” to us.

We’re out to cultivate unassailable footholds in our own niches and to create viable lifestyle businesses within our communities.


We think in generational increments and build our businesses in ways which can withstand, perhaps even benefit from systemic shocks which would topple a dinosaur.

If we were to choose a word to describe it we would pick “Anti-Fragile”, from the Nassim Taleb book describing the phenomenon of things that acquire strength through volatility.

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This Time Is Different Part I: What Bitcoin Isn’t

  " Indeed as Galbraith continued in our earlier passage: "This was true in one of the earliest seeming marvels: when banks discovered that they could print bank notes and issue them to borrowers in excess of the hard-money deposits in the banks’ strong rooms”. All fiat currencies today really are backed by nothing and can be created at will (that’s what th [...]

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The Transition Overview: Building Companies That Matter

This is not to say that a TransitionCo will eventually deliver 100x returns over the long haul, or even aspire to that. What I am saying is that by functioning along the principles laid out herein, the TransitionCo will deliver consistent returns, quite possibly elevated, and over a longer time frame. TransitionCo’s are, in celebrated business author Jim Collins’ phr [...]

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Canadian Government’s Controversial Tax Proposals. Where are we now?

By Peter Weissman FCPA, FCA, TEP who has been tirelessly advocating against the current administrations' plans to "supertax" small business "passive income" at 73%. (I also wrote my own reaction to the hypocrisy of this proposal on my personal blog). Concerns regarding Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s controversial July 18, 2017 proposed changes to tax rules for private co [...]

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Don’t have a Mission Statement. Be On A Mission.

  The 800lb Gorilla in your space has a Mission Statement. Possibly complimented by a Vision Statement and maybe even a Values/Ethics Statement for good measure. These were either outsourced to a consulting firm or dreamed up in a series of team-building workshops. They encapsulate values of ethics, morality, diversity, commitment to excellence, customer service a [...]

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